how to draw a honda civic

Let’s learn how to draw a Honda Civic, a hatchback on this occasion.

This tutorial is going to be very easy because of the characteristics of the 1990s car design. Not to much fuzz.

Here we go…

Step 1-. As usual, draw the floor and wheels.


Step 2-. Draw the back and front of the body, a line at the bottom (plastic trim) and outline the rims.


Step 3-. Roof (cabin) and headlights.


Step 4 -. Windshield, side windows, tail lights and the front of the hood.


Step 5 -. Draw the door, dor handle, and front air intakes.


Step 6 -. Now draw the rims, side mirror, and some hood lines, you know, to give a little form to it.

Was this easy or what?