how to draw a bugatti chiron

This will be a fan favorite. This is one of the most anticipated cars in the last 20 years. The successor to the awesome Veyron. Today we’ll learn how to draw Bugatti Chiron.

The Chiron has an 8 liter 16 cylinder engine that produces 1500 hp, more or less. It’s mainly luxury car but because of the power that comes with it, is very famous for being REALLY fast. I mean REALLY, REALLY FAST!

How fast?

Well, 0-60 in about 2.3 seconds and 0-400 kph (about 250 mph) in about 36 seconds.

How about that?

But we’re here to learn how to draw it, so here we go…

Step 1 -. Draw the wheels and the floor. This car is very close to the ground. In part because it’s ideal for high speeds.


Step 2 -. Now draw the back and front end. Pay attention, over at the front draw the horseshoe-shaped grill. It’s one of the most noticeable features from Bugatti.


Step 3 -. This step looks easy and it is. Draw the roof (or cabin), the curved waistline in the middle and a line that I don’t know the name of that is like the bottom edge for the doors that will draw I a couple of steps.    😛

Step 4 -. Now add the rear wing for extra downforce. Also, draw the side air intake. It goes from the bottom of the car, right next to the front tire, goes to the back on an upward curve and comes back to the front and takes over the window. Sorry if my way of explaining things it’s too complicated.

Oh yeah, also draw the windshield.

Step 5 -. Is time to draw the door, door handle, fuel cap, the main form or shape of the headlights and li little bit more detail on the grill.


Step 6 -. The final step is to draw the side mirror, the rims, headlight detail, hood lines that point to the horseshoe grill and the air front intakes.

How was it?

Did you like drawing it?

Do you like the actual car?

Let me know in the comments.