How to color a car drawing

This is the second digital coloring tutorial. It’s from an early sports car drawing tutorial. Go draw it and then return to this one.

So, we begin by painting black the inside of the rims and the far side wheels. It can look simple and without relevance but this gives the drawing depth and a bit of 3Dness…



Now paint the whole car, red in this case. Pretty straightforward.



Next paint the windows, tires and the headlights. 

Now add a layer of white, as light. Pay attention to the rear light, since it’s already red I just played a little with the light so the bottom was left without white color to simulate a curved shape.


Complement by adding a darker shade of the main color. If you’re coloring with regular colored pencils and don’t have a darker shade just use a little bit of black. If it doesn’t work I’m sorry, I just ruined your drawing. Most of the time it does work.

Also, add shadow to the tires on the lower part and to the rims pokes. Use grey or a light blue, works both ways.


Add some highlights to the upper part of the window, the lower part of the air intake and the headlights lap.


Finally, paint a background. And that’s it. We are done.


How to color a car drawing

What do you think of these digital coloring tutorials?

Easy or hard?

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