car coloring

This is a JCD first! We’re gonna add some color to one of our drawings. In this occasion, it’s the Venom GT.

If you haven’t done that drawing go for it right now.



Okay then. For these digital coloring tutorials, I’m using a software called Sketchbook. It’s not mandatory, you can use whatever form of adding color you want or have available. Also, keep in mind that the purpose of this tutorial is to have fun not to be perfect. So take it easy and enjoy…

1- First add some black to elements like air intakes and the grill. These are the darkest areas in a car. Also, do the tires. These are not entirely black, I painted did them in a brownish hue.


2- Now add color to the glass areas: windshield and side window. Notice here that the glass is not the typical blue but a shade of greed. Green is the real color of glass. You’ll notice this if you stack layers over layers of glass. Also, add some gray color to the headlights.


3- The next step is to add color to the body. Yellow is a color that fits this car very well. You can make it any color you like.


4- Now we’re gonna add some “light”. This is just a fancy way of saying white. Light hits the car mainly from above (sky) but also can be any source of light, like a lap on the street at night. And of course, it isn’t always white, but in this case, it is.


5- The next step is to add a …oranger yellow? Mmmm, yes… Sort of.  It’s a “stronger” hue of the main color. It gives a better look to the drawing as supposed to just adding a darker shade of the same color. I used it just below the light areas and at the bottom of the car. 


6- The last step is to put a background so the car pops out a little bit. This can be a square or rectangle or any shape you like. It should be a bit faded because it’s behind the car and far away. 


How was it?

Did you like it?

Was it hard or easy?

Please let me know.

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