How about we draw the Nissan 300ZX? …A JDM classic.

Let’s do it!

Well, it helps to mention that it’s the 90’s 300, no the 80’s one. This car is one of the most popular and sought after gems out of Japan, along with names like Skyline GTR, 3000GT, RX-7, Supra, NSX, among others.

The 300ZX was a very cool, somewhat sporty GT cruiser, in my eyes. And I say GT cruiser instead of sportscar because it wasn’t too “hardcore” like the others, this was softer and smooth.

The most popular version of it was the Twin Turbo. It had a 6 cylinder engine with, you know, twin turbos. It was really fast.

But this is not a review, it’s a drawing tutorial so here we go…


First draw the wheels outline the rims.


Now draw the body. Very simple shape for this car.


Next is the cabin. It looks easy but the weird curve at the back is unusual so it can be tricky to draw. Draw also the far side wheels.


The next step is to draw the windows (windshield and side window), the hood and a trim line that wraps around the lower part of the body.


The fifth step is to give it some more details like the door, it’s door handle,┬áside marker lights and in one single element the fog lights and a small air intake.


Lastly, draw the rim spokes, side mirror, headlights, the Nissan badge and an even lower air intake.

And there you have it. An a little bit fat 300ZX.

What do you think of it?

Is it a sports car or a cruiser?

Leave a comment below.

Until next tine.