This is an E-book I made a few years ago about drawing cartoon cars. Here it’s divided in to different posts. I hope you like it. Its not edited so you may find some thigs that talk about an e-book.

Here you will learn how to draw fun and easy cartoonish-looking cars. It doesn’t matter if you want to draw a real car, like a Ferrari or a Mustang, or if you like drawing your own cars, the basics are the same. There are no limits to what you can draw.

Drawing in a cartoonish way is a lot of fun, but if we add the crazy part, well, you’re in for a blast!

First we’ll learn how to draw cars in a cartoonish way, and then we’ll get into the crazy part of drawing cars.

Let’s get cartoonishly crazy!

Some stuff you need to know

First of all, you need to know the only rule there is here. That rule is, there are no rules. Cartoonish drawing is about breaking the rules to get out of the usual stuff. Being crazy is about having the freedom to draw anything. So why would we need any rules? When you establish rules, you are limiting yourself in a world of endless possibilities. The whole point of it is to be fun. Limiting yourself isn’t.

The second thing is you must LET LOOSE YOUR CREATIVITY. This is basically the essence of the crazy side of everything. Creativity means coming up with new ideas and seeing things in a different way.

We’ll start with some easy drawings, and as we go forward, they will get harder, not that they are super hard to draw.

These are box-based drawings, except for the side views. We all know how to draw a box. If you don’t, it’s no big deal. Just practice drawing some and you’ll learn quickly.

I recommend that you practice each drawing a few times before moving to the next one so you get familiarized with the process first. If you do this, you will be able to focus on the drawing more easily.

That’s about it. Let’s go to the fun part now.

Draw cartoon cars

The key to draw cartoon cars is to exaggerate their characteristics and features. If a car has big wheels, make them even bigger, if it has small windows, make them smaller. Make them look fat, short, or very tall.

The drawings below are an example of this.

A Ferrari 458 and a Pagani Zonda. Both drawings have noticeably bigger rear wheels because on real cars, they’re one inch bigger. It’s not much, but bigger is bigger. So, make them big. Overdoing stuff like this gives the drawings that cartoonish look.


Of course, you will need some reference material for the tutorials where we draw real cars. Use magazine pictures or search for some of the cars you’re drawing on the Internet.

A very important tip is to take a very good look at the pictures you use for these tutorials and pay attention to references. For example, the cabin. Is it closer to the front wheels? Is it closer to the rear wheels?

Even though we’ll draw the cars with funny proportions, they still have to be accurate enough so the cars still look like the real thing.

That’s enough explanation. After all, it’s super easy, as you can see. The best way to learn is by doing things. So let’s go straight to the action.

How to draw a cartoon car

This is the easiest cartoon car you can draw. Start by drawing the wheels not too far away from each other. This is one of the main features of cartoon cars, a very short wheelbase.cartoon car drawing


Draw very lightly the overall shape of the car. Short and tall.



Now go over the first shape again to define the final form of the car. Since this is a very basic, very easy drawing, the shape is the same. But as you will see in the following drawings, that’s not always the case. If you want to draw a more visible fender or bumper, go ahead.



The windows and doors are next. Very simple lines are needed to draw them. You can make them in whatever shape you like.



Let’s draw some easy details now. The door handle, lights, exhaust tip, grill and little aerial. We are keeping it simple for now, but make the drawing your own. Draw as many details as you want, like… or dare.



Define the edges of the wheels. I used stencils for this so they look better. It’s not cheating. Drawing circles is really hard, and unless you’re really good at it, you will make mistakes here. Drawing good circles is not as easy as it looks, so practice a lot.

Then, come up with a cool rim design.


The last thing here is to cover the dark areas. In this drawing, that’s only the inside of the rims. Also, I added some more detail on the grill.

Voila (that’s French for “Here it is!” or “There you have it!” or something like that)!

Your first cartoon car. Or not. Maybe it’s your second, or third…


Baby race car

This will be another generic car. You can draw it however you want.

Since this is a baby race car, we’ll start with a very short wheelbase. Hopefully it will look like a baby car.

Draw the general shape of the body with small proportions. Short overhangs, ground clearance, and so on. Everything except for the cabin, which must be kind of big. You know, like a baby’s head.


Now draw over the overall shape and give this baby race car more defined lines for the body and the cabin. At the very top the cabin looks weird. Don’t you think? Well, I guess weird can be good sometimes. After all, it’s a cartoon car.

It’s time to draw the windows and door. Draw big, big windows and a very short door.



Now draw some of the features that make a baby race car a baby race car. These things include a baby wing, baby splitter, baby diffuser, baby hood scoop and baby air intakes on the side.

There are lots of details left to draw, so let’s do it.

Draw the lights, front and rear, the grill, door handle, and exhaust tip, and finish the wheels. Again, I used stencils for this step. It looks better and you save yourself the trouble of erasing stuff.

Finally, cover the dark areas. Add some lines simulating some speed. Don’t draw them too long. It must look like it’s going moderately fast. A baby race car can get hurt going too fast. Nobody wants that.

Draw a cartoon Ferrari Enzo

Get some reference material, for we are going to draw a real car. It’s a Ferrari Enzo from a side view. Start by drawing the wheels. The Enzo, like most sports cars now, has bigger wheels at the back.

For the second step, draw the overall shape of the car. The Enzo has a very distinctive wedge shape with a very long front overhang.



Draw the body of the car, and after that, draw the cabin, again paying close attention to the particular features of the car. If you think you can make one feature look cartoonish, do it.

Here the rear part is very, very high.


Now draw the windows. I added the fuel cap here since it is very easy to draw. It’s just a small circle. Also, a section of the door is already in place. The rest of it will be drawn when some details on the side are put in place. That’s the next step.


This car has two air intakes on each side, a small one at the bottom for the brakes and a big one above for engine cooling.


We are almost done with this Enzo drawing. Draw some small details now, like the front and rear lights, a front air intake, side indicators, exhaust tip and the rear diffuser, which is just visible. Look at those lines in the big side intake. They are the car’s shoulders. This is because the body is wider than the cabin. These types of cars look very cool because of these features.


The last step is to finally draw the door, as well as the last details like the rims and side mirror. Also cover the dark areas.


Draw a cartoon supercar: Lexus LFA

Start by drawing a box as a guide for the general shape of the car. Also draw the shape of the cabin. Do this with an H pencil, or if you’re using a pen, draw it very lightly. The rear is taller than the front on this car.

Now draw the wheels, also very lightly. You can make the rear wheel bigger if you want. Then draw a line horizontally at the front. This line indicates the height of the front end. It doesn’t have to be too precise, it’s just for reference.

Now use a darker pencil to start drawing the contours of the car and the wheels. If you are using a pen, just apply more pressure. Pay very close attention to your reference material so you correctly depict the car’s features.


The next step is to draw the windows. Notice the air intake next to the side window. If your car has a particular feature for this step, draw it.



Draw the front of the car. Grill, headlights, air intakes. The LFA has a recurring triangular theme here. That circle there, right at the middle, is the logo.



Now let’s draw some details like the doors, the side air intake, the rims, the lamps on the headlights and every small feature on your car.



The last step is to cover the dark areas like the grill, the air intakes and the inside of the rims.


Draw a cartoon hatchback

Draw a box to define the shape of the car. This is going to be a generic car, so it’s up to you which features to exaggerate. In this case, it is going to be the cabin, since hatchbacks have a lot of head space. We’ll make it really big!

After that, draw the wheels and the horizontal guide line at the front.




Now start defining the shape of the car and the wheels. It’s looking really good.




It’s time to draw the windows, very big ones.




Draw the frontal elements of the car. This one has a sporty look with its aggressive headlights, big lower air intake and fog lights.


The next thing to do is to draw the details, as many as you want to throw in. Hatchbacks have small rims, so this is another thing we are going to overdo. We’re going to make them super small.



Finally, cover the dark areas, and you can also put in some last-minute details if you want.


Draw crazy cars

As we said before, creativity is the key to drawing crazy cars.

Creativity needs to be exercised for it to grow. So apply what you learn here to other things in your life, and it will help you become more creative in general.

The type of people that others call geniuses are nothing more than really creative people who can come up with a lot of ideas.

Here are some tips for being creative and crazy when drawing cars:

  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things.
  • Ask yourself, what if…? What if it had big wheels? What if it had a jet engine? What if it didn’t have this, or that?
  • Say why not…? Why not put a laser beam on it? Why not this? Why not that?
  • Be spontaneous. Put random stuff on things.
  • Transfer ideas, Put big truck-like bumpers on a sports car, put wings on a truck.
  • Put things upside down or inside out. What if a car had the steering wheel on the outside?


Things don’t have to be like everyone says they’re supposed to be. Don’t listen to them, they’re crazy. Or not. Maybe that’s why you shouldn’t listen to them.

Draw carzy caroon cars. Meanie.. Van

Get it? Meanie Van…because it’s mean!

We’ll get crazy now with this drawing. Let’s start with the usual stuff, the wheels, because it’s a side view.

Draw the general shape as in the other drawings. Draw the body shape and the big cabin going all the way to the back. Exaggerate the back side so it looks like it’s leaning forward.



Define the contours of the car and, getting ahead one step, draw the windows. The winshield is just visible and the side window is very, very large.


Now let’s draw the doors, the side normal door and the big sliding second door. Also draw the rail for it to slide on. Then draw some details like door handles, a side mirror, and a wind deflector at the back.

Draw the lights, front and back, and then ask. What if it was a racing meanie van?

Well, it would have a rear wing, a splitter at the front, maybe a hood scoop, and why not a roof scoop too? Some racing cars have this cool feature.

Finish the wheels and rims. Because I already had the stencils with me, I used them to make circle-themed rims.

The last step is to cover the dark areas. But before I was finished, I asked: Why not put a semi-truck or lorry (depending on where you live)-style exhaust pipe? With a support rod, of course. Also, I pumped up the fender flares a little to make it more aggressive.cartoon mini van

Cool-looking meanie van!

Sports off-road tow truck

Just by the name, you can tell it’s going to be really crazy.

Start with the body’s overall shape.

When I was selecting ideas for this drawing, I started with a sports car and then asked, why not make it off-road? So I did. To that end, draw the wheels, but the ground clearance has to be high. Also draw the reference line for the height of the car. It’s still a sports car, so it has to be low.

Finally, divide the body in half with a vertical line, because why not make it a tow truck too?

The next step is to draw the contours of the car. In this case it will be only be half of the car. Then draw the front wheel housing and also give the wheels a 3-D appearance, especially the rear one, which is totally open.

Now draw the windows, the door and the front of the car. Remember, the car has to look sporty and aggressive, so make the windows like the ones on a sports car, as well as the lights and the air intakes.

This is a very busy drawing, so each step is a lot of work.


Make the tires look very off-roady, very rugged with a big tire thread.  Also draw the rims and something that looks like a pick-up truck bed in the back.

The following step is to draw the hoist at the back. Then draw some details at the front fascia. Draw the other rear tire and some suspension elements so it looks cool. Don’t forget the door handle.


The very last step is to cover the dark areas, but the main feature in this step is that engine at the top. I decided to randomly make it like that, and then I realized that it makes a lot of sense. There’s no space for the engine at the back! It worked out great. I must figure out, though, a way to take the power from the engine to the wheels!

It can not be any crazier.


Draw a crazy cartoon tuner car

Have you seen how people sometimes just put too much stuff on their cars?

This is one of those cars. Start by drawing the boxy shape of the car.

Now draw the basic shape of the wheels and the wheel housings. Notice that they’re leaning a little bit forward. Draw the horizontal line to indicate the height of the front end.


The next thing to do is to draw the contours of the car. This is a good time to decide on some features you want to put on it. Like in this drawing, you can see a small shape at the front bumper. This is because I knew what the design in the front was going to be. I had a specific idea.

Draw the windows and the doors. Behind the door, you can see a line that shows a particular form in the body.

These sorts of details make the drawing look better. Draw the door handle too.

Go for the front fascia now. Big air intakes, the grill, the lights, a splitter and a big vent on the hood.

Anything you want to overdo, it’s okay and welcome.


Continue over-tuning your car.

What if it had two gigantic rear wings? One on top of the other.

Why not draw a big side air intake and huge exhaust tip?

Draw some more details like the side mirrors and roof scoop, and pump up the fender flares.

Now draw the rims, cover the dark areas, and why not add some actual wings at the side?

Draw a line over the front fender to define its shape. It helps with the 3-D look.

As a finishing detail, I drew a big sticker on the windshield. You can draw your own and write anything you want there.


Draw a mutant car

Let’s begin with the basic box shape. This is a sports car, in theory, so we are going to make it really wide. Take a look at the other drawings for reference and make this one wider.

Now draw the wheels and the wheel housings. Make the tires really wide and fat at the back. Or don’t listen to me, make them very skinny. It’s up to you.


Start defining the car body and the cabin. Just above the rear wheel, there’s a very muscular looking form. This pops out the whole look of the car.

Draw the windows too.

The next step is to draw the rear fascia with some aggressive tail lights, a big air vent, an even bigger diffuser, and why not put four exhaust tips on each side?

Don’t forget to draw the side air intake.


After that, go over the lines of the wheels again to define them better.

And what if it had four doors instead of just two?



At the back, put some extra detail on the lights. These have a very grumpy cat look to them, don’t you think?

I drew a small badge at the center of the air vent. You can come up with your own badge or logo.

And what if it had big truck-like side mirrors? And some random stuff, like a shark fin. When I say random, I mean random.

The car can be as crazy as you want it to be. So why not put some sports bike exhaust tips on each side?

Finally, cover the dark areas to add some contrast. I also added a little shadow at the bottom of the diffuser to give it some depth.

I hope you liked this one.


Crazy gallery resource for drawing cartoon cars

To help you get going with drawing your crazy cartoon cars, here is a gallery of the most-used elements with some extra tips you can use.

I hope you get a lot of ideas from this.


They are generally drop-shaped, very easy to draw. These can be  a complement to exhaust tips.


Exhaust tips

Exhaust tips can go anywhere and be whatever size you want.

They can go behind the front wheels, just in front of the rear wheels



These are one of the most commonly used details in car drawing because they give a lot of “presence” to the car.

They can have only one flap or as many as you like. Also try different number of support elements, one at the middle, one on each side, two at the middle or what if it had three support elements?



Spinning wheels

Spinning wheels make the car look like it’s actually moving. To achieve this effect, just draw some zigzag lines in the rim and add some dramatic elements behind the wheels.


Cars with faces

Faces will give a personality of their own to your car drawings.

As a general rule, round shapes are good for cute-looking faces. Try drawing a big-eyed smiling face to see the result.

Sharp, thin and square forms give a mean look. Try drawing a face with a big mouth and thin long eyes and you will see the meanie face that comes out. You could try to use this on the meanie van.

Faces are really fun to draw. You can try a lot of facial expressions like happy, sad and angry…


…or stomachache, crazy dude, and pretty girl.


Draw an engine

To draw the off-road sports tow truck, you need to know how to draw an engine. So here’s how to do it.

As with the cars, we’ll start by drawing the basic shape of the block.

After that, draw the valve covers on each side of the engine block.

Now draw the exhaust manifold and then define the shape of the block.



You can tell it’s a V8 engine because of the four tips on the manifold. Four for each side equals eight cylinders. You can make it a 6, 10, 12 or why not a 20 cylinder engine. You would have to draw a very long engine block though.

Up next, we are going to draw a supercharger. First, draw the compressor right in the middle above the block and on top, draw the air intake.

Then draw some detail on the valve covers, and at the front of the block, draw a pulley layout.

The final step is to draw a band around the pulley system. The pulleys can be arenged in any order you like. Only two must be in a particular place, one at the supercharger and another at the center of the engie block.

Nice! You don’t learn how to draw an engine every day!


Cartoon cars mini gallery

This is an example of a basic cartoon car drawing. Wacky proportions only, no crazy accessories, apart from that huge hood scoop. The cabin is placed way back and the rear end sits lower than the front end. Usually it’s the other way around.


A crazy hot rod. This is halfway between normal cartoon and crazy cartoon. Big tires, gigantic wing and popping a wheely.

This hot rod has no engine cover, so the actual engine is visible behind the grill. Notice the guide lines for the engine on the grill. This is so I had a good idea where the engine was, so afterwards I just had to draw the parts that are actually visible. It’s really fun. Try it!


Now this sports car is flat-out a crazy cartoon.

We could call this “budget jet engine car” because the owner spent all the money he had on the jet engine and was left with no money to buy more things. He had to use his desk lamp as head lights, a hand mirror as the side mirror and a trumpet as an exhaust pipe. Now all that comes out of there is musical notes. That’s pretty cool.

But the coolest thing by far is that wood wing. He had to cut a piece of plywood and two small pieces of a 2×4 to pull this out. You can even see the nails are only halfway in. That thing could fall off.

Final comments

I hope you really enjoyed this cartoon drawing series. Now it’s up to you to practice a lot so you can draw cooler and crazier cartoon cars.

Maybe you’ll struggle at first, but look at it this way: you can’t go wrong when you draw a cartoon car, because it’s supposed to look crazy. Maybe it just doesn’t look the way you want. Save these drawings as an ideas archive for future drawings. They will end up being useful.

Use the half-full glass approach instead of the half-empty glass approach.

Don’t forget to use the tips in this post to become more creative. It will help you more than I can say.