Learn how to draw a mclaren p1

Let’s learn how to draw a Mclaren P1. I hope you enjoy it.

mpo 1Draw the wheel base, as you always do. Theres nothing special here.

mpo 2Now draw the body. Very conventional too.

mpo 3The cabin is also almost generic.

Yep, the basic shape of the P1 is not very exiting.

Draw the wheels on the other side too.


mpo 4But you know things start to get interesting on step number four.

Draw the windows and the windshield. They appear to be kind of boring too but now the car begins to look like a Mclaren.

mpo 5Draw the front fascia now.

This is the element that gives this car it’s first splash of identity.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the headlights look like they were inspired by the logo of the company. Some up side down Nike whosh-like thingy.

mpo 6Step number six.

Draw the air vents on the hood, the rim contours and the side intake. Or at least that is what I think that thing on the side is because it doesn’t apear tho let air in to the engine compartment.

mpo 7Step number seven.

Time to put the final details: Side mirror, lamp details, the door, wheel spokes, and actual air intake on the shoulder of the car and the rear wing.

The doors were left for the last step because the cut line follows the form of the side intake.

And here it is. It didn’t look promising at the beginning but, as with the LaFerrari, the details pulled it out just fine.

I must confess that I did’t like this car when it just came out. Partly because I’m a Ferrari guy and almost anti-Mcalaren, but mainly, I thought it was ugly.

I don’t think it is that ugly now.


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