draw a lamborghini sesto elemento

Let’s learn how to draw a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

se 1This car has e very short wheelbase so I think I made it a bit too long. You can try making int shorter and see what comes out.

se 2The body is very cool, and at the back, very weird because the bumper is actually very high, almost at half the height of the tyre. But at the front, the wedge-like shape is what makes it look so cool, I think.

se 3The cabin is typical Lamborghini. It’s very integrated with the rest of the body.

We’re going to jump ahead a little bit and draw the overall shape of the window.

A quick fact: This car is called Sesto Elemento (sixth element) because it’s construction is based mostly on carbon fiber, this makes it very light and rigid.

So what? You might say…

Well, it’s called like this because if you check the periodic table you’ll find that carbon is the sixth element on it.

se 4Anyway, let’s continue. The fourth step is to draw and the back a small diffuser just under the bumper, define the window too. Just the window, not the door.

Then draw a line along the body. This is wat some designer call the “dynamic line”.  This makes the car look better and, well, dynamic because it inspires forward movement.


se 5The fifth step is to draw the rear wing, the guides for the rims and some extra detail at the front the appears to go a little beyond the tip of the car. These are basically the front air intakes.

Pay attention here. Draw at the side a couple of lines that roughly look like an “X”. This is the side intake. Very weird intake, don’t you think?

se 6Almost done.

In the last step we’re going to draw the doors. Look at how the lines converge and form cool angels with the dynamic line, this is very important to get right. Also put the side mirrors. These are very cool because they’re almost at the middle of the door.

Draw the rims with a five spoke design and right behind the door goes the thingy where you put the fuel in.

That’s it! But if you want more here are two more Lambo tutorials:

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Thanks. See ya!