draw a ferrari la ferrari

Let’s learn how to draw a Ferrari LaFerrari!

flf 1

The wheelbase on this car is long. Also, the rear wheel is bigger, not by a lot though.

flf 2The body is actually unusual for a Ferrari because it resembles a little bit the Lamborghini body type: Very, very low nose and tall rear end.

flf 3Next draw the also Lambo-like cabin. Flat and without much form. Very easy to draw.


flf 4In this step we’ll draw the windshield, the window and the fuel cap.

Look at the rear part were the line that goes along the lower side of the window elevates and then comes back down parallel to the cabin contour.

flf 5The fifth step is to draw some details, mainly the side intake which is kind of complex but not hard to draw.

The complexity comes from the fact that some elements are more than one thing.

For example, the lower line of the intake is  some sort of dynamic line. It doesn’t stop where it converges with the superior element,  it actually goes past it and continues to the back of the car. All of this while extending  the line that comes from the tip of the car and then goes over the tire and falls behind it.

Sorry if I made it a little tedious. It’s just that I think this is very cool.

flf 6In the sixth step draw the Ferrari badge, the headlights, tail light, the rim contours and the door.

As flat as the form is the car in fact has a lot of details, and because of this, this tutorial has seven steps, like some we’ve done before.

flf 7So, the final step is to draw the rims, the lamp detail, exhaust tip side mirror and the deployed rear wing.

In the end, the cool design approach rescues the car from being just a brick on wheels. I like it, a lot.

What do you think?

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