draw a ferrari enzo

Let’s learn how to draw a Ferrari Enzo!

ef 1
Of course, we start by drawing the wheels. Th Enzo has a very long wheelbase, maybe a little longer than I actually drew it here.

ef 2
Draw the body, this one is very easy. So far, so good.

ef 3
Now, draw the cabin. It’s very similar to that on the Venom GT.


ef 4
Here’s where it gets interesting. Draw the big windshield and the rather weird side window. After that we’re gonna skip the door for now and jump to the side intake.
There’s a second small intake at the bottom and the rear wing is just visible behind the cabin.

ef 5

For the fifth step we’re going to draw the door. Look at the form it has, with a very wide shoulder.

Draw the nose at the front. This is supposed to resemble the front end of a Formula 1 car.

The Ferrari badge, the tail light and circle guides for the rims are the last things on this step.

ef 6
The last step is here and there’s a lot going on.

Draw the “wing supports” on the “nose cone”, the head lights side mirrors –which go on top of the wheel housings-, the rims and finish the lower intake on the side.

Finally, let’s give some shape to the front fender by drawing a line in between the front tire and the head lamp and if you want, try to draw the prancing horse on the badge.

This is how you draw a Ferrari Enzo! It turned out to be surprisingly easy. Don’t you think?