draw a Hennessey venom gt

Let’s learn how to draw a Venom GT, regarded by many as the fastest production car in the world, reaching speeds of nearly 270 mph. That’s really fast!

vgt 1First the easiest step: the wheels. It doesn’t need much explaining.

vgt 2
Next draw the body. The wheel housings at the front are very noticeable so make them stand out. The vertical line behind the front wheel is a vent to let the out hot air from the brakes and also reduce turbulent air that could lift the car up. Obviously that’s not desirable.

vgt 3

Now draw the cabin, which i think looks really cool because it doesn’t go all the way to the back of the car. Very a la Pagani. Then, draw the rear wing.

vgt 4

The fourth step is to draw the windows and some details. Notice the cut-lines on the roof, this is because all Venom GTs can have their top removed. Just behind the removable top goes a small scoop and lastly, draw the fuel cap.


vgt 5

After that draw some more details. Stuff like the side intake, headlights, front grill and intake.

At this point, does the car look familiar to you? I mean, evidently it looks like a Venom GT, but no, that’s not it. Maybe it looks familiar because this car is based on a Lotus Elise, albeit with some modifications.

Draw also the guides for the rims inside the wheels.

vgt 6

In this last step draw the rim spokes, the door, side mirrors, the lamps in the headlights and the grill detail, which is minimum.
I hope you like this tutorial.
What do you think? Feel free to comment.

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