How to draw a hummer h2 suv

Hey junior car designers, this time we are going to draw something different. We’ll learn how to draw a Hummer H2 SUV.

Of course, start with the wheelbase. Is similar in apparent length to that if a regular car. This doesn’t mean it’s exactly the same but since the tires are bigger on an SUV it looks the same.

How to draw a hummer h2 suv




Draw the body, with a generous ground clearance. Start to draw the back of the car too.

How to draw a hummer h2 suv



Now draw the boxy and long cabin. Don’t forget wheels on the far side.

The cabin height may appear to be extremely low but it’s actually quite big. This might be because of the overall size of the car: Enormous!

How to draw a hummer h2 suv



The fourth step is to draw the windshield and the windows. These are very square as the car in general.

Draw also the wheel fenders.

How to draw a hummer h2 suv



Here, we start drawing the doors and some cool details like the front grill, headlights, door handles, those thingys to put stuff on the roof.  And that thing on the corner of the rear fender is for the fuel cap.

How to draw a hummer h2 suv


The final step is to draw the big side mirror, a hood vent, some intakes on the bumper, side indicators (integrated to the fender) and the rims.

One last detail that will enhance the rugged look on the truck is the side of the tires, with that  big tread on the it side wall.

How to draw a hummer h2 suv


Sweet. This drawing looks neat!

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