Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by step

I know this is “easy car drawing for kids” but this might not be that easy for some of you. This doesn’t mean you can’t draw it, it would just need patience and practice.

I’m telling you all this because the Aventador has a very complex design at the front. Lots of straight lines and lots of sharp form details that aren’t very common on most cars. I tried to make it as easy as a could.

Okay, let’s learn how to draw a Lamborghini Aventador!!! This is one of the coolest tutorials yet!


Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepThe first step is to draw the wheels. Lamborghinis are know to have a long wheelbase, at least the bigger models –the Gallardo and the new Huracan being the smaller baby lambos- like the Murcielago, the diablo and of course, the Aventador.


Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepNow draw the body with a very little ground clearance. You can already notice the sharp forms mentioned earlier at the back. Also make it look very wide.


Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepThe cabin is very peculiar in the Aventador, It is almost unnoticeable how it integrates with the rest of the body. Unlike models like the Pagani Zonda, wich has a bubble like cabin.

Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepHere is where the fun starts. Pay attention to all the details that follow. Draw the windshield, the side window and the door. Look at the shape of the door, it is an indicator of the form in the body, wich has a very noticeable shoulder.


Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepNow draw the side air intake. It is composed of straight lines and various elements, so be careful.

After that move to the front, where you’ll draw the headlights and the general shape of the frontal air intakes. I don’t think these qualify as grill because the are so big.


Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepOnce you’re done continue detailing the front. Ad a square-like shape inside the intakes and a little one in between the big ones, right at the center.

Also draw the side mirror. This lambo must have the biggest side mirrors of any car. Draw the rims, well, just an indication of were they will be.


Learn to how draw a lamborghini step by stepFor the final details draw the rim spokes. These are not like the rims on the other drawings, this lambo has very cool rims not to draw them so pay attention to the design. It’s the common five spoke rim but more detail.

The last thing to do is to draw the details in the headlights, a little lateral indicator and the cool hood shapes. These make the Aventador look very cool. Draw two lines next to each headlight, look how the get closer together as the fall away from the windshield and gets closer to the “bumper”, or where the bumper would be in a normal car. Finally, draw a line right in the middle with a small badge at the bottom.

This is how you draw a Lamborghini Aventador!

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How was this drawing for you? … Too easy? …Too hard?  Leave a comment.