How To Draw The Batmobile

This tutorial is one of the coolest yet: How to draw the batmobile for all you kids out there..

I know, maybe you’re a little younger and you weren’t even born when this batmobile came out, but trust me, this is the cool one.

So, first we need to draw the wheels. The wheelbase of the batmobile is really long.How To Draw The Batmobile

Now, this step is really hard. Draw the body. Be very patient because there is a lot of stuff here, like the bat-wing and the rather weird front, which is an intake for a turbine. Do your best.How To Draw The Batmobile

From a hard step we go to an easy one. Draw the cabin and a roof scoop at the top. After that draw the other bat-wing thingy. How To Draw The Batmobile


Next draw the windshield. This one is a two-part. Draw a line from the roof scoop to the bottom of the cabin. This is a hatch that slides to the front so batman can get in and out. Cool!How To Draw The Batmobile


After that draw on the side an air intake and some thingys that do lots of cool stuff, presumably related to the turbine. I would think hot gases and flames are involved. Sweet…How To Draw The Batmobile

The last step is to draw the rims with the bat sign, the lights at the bottom over at the front and also at the front; the details of the turbine intake.How To Draw The Batmobile

Isn’t this the coolest batmobile ever? Yes it is.