How to draw a lamborghini

The “sports car drawing mode” continues. Today we are going to learn how to draw a Lamborghini Gallardo. So let’s doi it.

Of course, the first step is to draw the wheels. Mine didn’t turned out to be so good. Drawing circles is not that easy. Well, I think they’re round enough.

how to draw a lamborghini gallardo 1

Now let’s draw the body. The Gallardo has very smooth lines. Nothing dramatic.

It’s proportions are very interesting: Low ground clearance, medium –not short- overhangs and the waistline is very low at the front and kinda high at the back.

how to draw a lamborghini gallardo 2

The cabin is classic Lamborghini. Very smooth at the back and just a little less inclined at the front. It is well integrated to the overall shape of the car. If it wasn’t for that frontal part it would look like a very flat van.

how to draw a lamborghini gallardo 3

For the fourth step draw the windows and the door. Notice that the door doesn’t begin where the window does. It would be very close to the front wheel.

I know what you’re thinking: The Murcielago and the Aventador have the door like that. Very close to the front wheel…

Yes they do. But those cars have Lamborghini doors. Those open in an upward movement so it’s no big deal that position of the door.

The Gallardo doesn’t. It has regular doors like in your every day car. It would be tricky to put a regular door right next to the wheel.

how to draw a lamborghini gallardo 4


This is where it all get’s really fun. Draw the side air intake. This one’s easy because it’s only straight lines. At the back draw an air out-let, the rear lights, which actually extend a little than usual and face upwards just a bit. After that throw a line towards the front of the car, parallel to the line of the air in-take.

how to draw a lamborghini gallardo 5


Finally, draw the rims, extra details on the lights, the exhaust pipe in the air out-let, the door handle, a small frontal air in-take and side indicator.

I notice that I left a small gap in the lines of the body, very close to the front, so I drew there the side mirror.

How to draw a lamborghini

Another sports car drawing for kids tutorial gone. Now you know how to draw a Lamborghini.

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