Learn how to draw a cartoon car

Hey! How’s all the car drawing going fou you? I hope it’s going well.
Okay, on this occasion we are going to make something a little different but still very fun. We’ll learn how to draw a cartoon car step by step, or sort of, it looks cartoonish to me. I hope you like it. Let’s doit!

Step 1

Draw the wheels. The first one is a big ellipse and the second is a smaller ellipse not to far away.

Learn how to draw a cartoon car

Step 2

Now draw the body and finish up the wheels. Notice that the body isn’s as big in relation to the wheels. This gives the drawing the cartoon like look. In other words, crrrazy proportions. Watch out for these kind of proportions, they’re crazy! …Get it? 😛

Learn how to draw a cartoon car

Step 3

Draw the cabin. The drawing is starting to take shape. Now you can draw the cabin how you want. This kind of drawing gives you more freedom. Of course it is fine coming op with your own ideas when drawing cars but in a cartoon car is just more evident (crazy).

Learn how to draw a cartoon car

Step 4

Draw the windscreen, side windows and a big door. This will be a 2 door car.

Learn how to draw a cartoon car
Step 5
It’s time to give this guy a face. Draw the head lights, I made them round, I like how they look.Then draw the grill. Also put a couple of lines that go from the lights to the cabin. They start in between the grill and the head light and “open” toward the lower corners of the windscreen. This lines give the front of the car a little more shape. Don’t you think?

Learn how to draw a cartoon car

Step 6
The final step is to draw the finishing details of course. The side mirrors; which look too small, door handle, lights and grill details, an air intake at the bottom and the rims.

Learn how to draw a cartoon car
There you go. How was it? Easy? Of course. And, the more you practice the easier it gets? NO!!! The more you practice the better you get!!!

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See you next time.