Draw a cartoon car

Welcome to an easy car drawing for kids overload. We are continuing with cartoonish looking car. This will be side view.

Step 1
Begin drawing the wheels. Don’t worry too much about correct proportions. That is not so important here.

Draw a cartoon car

Step 2
Now draw the body. It’s short and fat.

Draw a cartoon car

Step 3
The cabin follows the same characteristics so make it big.

What makes this and easy car to draw is the freedom you have to play with the drawing’s shapes and looks. So even though the instructions say to draw a big cabin you can make it small or short and see what comes out.

Draw a cartoon car
Step 4
The windows and doors are next.

Draw a cartoon car
Step 5
Now the lights, front and back. Also draw a couple of horizontal “v” lines also at the front and the back. These show the position on the bumpers.

draw a cartoon car side view 5

Step 6
And lastly put the finishing details like the side mirrors, rims, and an air intake at the bottom of the front bumper.

Draw a cartoon car

There you have a side view of a cartoon car. I hope you like it.
Stay tuned for more car drawing tutorials from your favorite car drawing for kids source.

Happy car drawing!!!