Hi, welcome to Junior Car Designer. This is only an introduction post so you know how this website works. But the fun part will start soon.

This website has a very simple layout.

Here you’ll find  step by step easy car drawing tutorials ordered by view.

The views are:

  • Side view:

This is used to show the main design elements in the side of the car and also helps understanding the size and proportions of the vehicle you are drawing.

  • ¾ front view and ¾ rear view:

This is a designer’s favorite because it is very practical. It shows the side as well as the front or back of the car in one single drawing. And of course it is a lot of fun to draw.

  • Front view and rear view:

These views are used to define in more detail the front and back of cars. They also help to understand how wide a car is.

Each view is completed in six very easy steps. These would appear to be repetitive, but that is the point, that you memorize the steps and the shapes.

These steps go as following:

  • Step 1: Wheels and wheelbase
  • Step 2: Body
  • Step 3: Cabin
  • Step 4: Windows and doors
  • Step 5: Lights and grill for the front views and tail lights and license plate for the rear views.
  • Step 6: Details

Notice also that there is no much detail in the drawings. Of course I could add more detail but you don’t have to worry about that for now. This is very basic car drawing. You can add more detail if you want though.

By the way, you can use anything you want to draw. Don’t worry about fancy tools. Use crayons, ball point pens, pencils, markers, anything will do.

Now, don’t worry if you have never drawn a car before. Everyone has a starting point. This will be yours.

Drawing, like everything else, requires practice and focus to master it. And keep in mind that you can accomplish anything with a positive attitude and patience.

So get ready.