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Very Easy Car To Draw For Little Kids

Easy Car To draw for kids

Today we are going to go one step down on the difficulty scale. This tutorial is for the most young children that just what to make a quick and easy car drawing step by step. This is the definition of this website’s tagline: Car drawing for kids made very easy.

I think this is actually easier than drawing a cartoon car because these type of drawings require a particular way of doing things, like funny proportions. But this doesn’t.

Difficult and easy car drawings start the same way: By drawing the wheels. Jus draw a couple of circles. Easy! Oh, and the ground-line, first of all.

Easy Car To draw for kids

Step two is to draw the body. Maybe you want to start by drawing the bumpers and then draw the body. Just a very simple rectangle shape.

Easy Car To draw for kids

After that draw the cabin. This is a trapezoid-like shape and that’s it. This really is an easy car to draw.

Easy Car To draw for kids

Now draw the windows and the door with simple lines. This car will be a two door, so no second door.

Easy Car To draw for kids

The fifth step is to draw the front and rear lights. The rear light is a small rectangle and the front one is just an ellipse.

Easy Car To draw for kids

Finally draw the rims by putting five lines (you can actually put as many as you like) in the middle of the wheels and the door handle.

Easy Car To draw for kids

This is as easy as car drawing gets. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It is very basic but being such a simple drawing somehow makes it fun.

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  1. I have just turned 12 and I found this very simple just as I needed and mine turned out as a very good car! Well done junior car design!!

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