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Draw a mutant car

Let’s begin with the basic box shape. This is a sports car, in theory, so we are going to make it really wide. Take a look at the other drawings for reference and make this one wider. Now draw the wheels and the wheel housings. Make the tires really wide and

Draw a crazy cartoon tuner car

Over-tuned tuner car Have you seen how people sometimes just put too much stuff on their cars? This is one of those cars. Start by drawing the boxy shape of the car. Now draw the basic shape of the wheels and the wheel housings. Notice that they’re leaning a little bit forward. Draw

Crazy cartoon car drawing: Sports off-road tow truck

sports off rad tow truck

Just by the name, you can tell it’s going to be really crazy. Start with the body’s overall shape. When I was selecting ideas for this drawing, I started with a sports car and then asked, why not make it off-road? So I did. To that end, draw the wheels, but the

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