This is an E-book I made a few years ago about drawing cartoon cars. Here it’s divided in to different posts. I hope you like it. Its not edited so you may find some thigs that talk about an e-book.

Here you will learn how to draw fun and easy cartoonish-looking cars. It doesn’t matter if you want to draw a real car, like a Ferrari or a Mustang, or if you like drawing your own cars, the basics are the same. There are no limits to what you can draw.

Drawing in a cartoonish way is a lot of fun, but if we add the crazy part, well, you’re in for a blast!

First we’ll learn how to draw cars in a cartoonish way, and then we’ll get into the crazy part of drawing cars.

Let’s get cartoonishly crazy!

Some stuff you need to know

First of all, you need to know the only rule there is here. That rule is, there are no rules. Cartoonish drawing is about breaking the rules to get out of the usual stuff. Being crazy is about having the freedom to draw anything. So why would we need any rules? When you establish rules, you are limiting yourself in a world of endless possibilities. The whole point of it is to be fun. Limiting yourself isn’t.

The second thing is you must LET LOOSE YOUR CREATIVITY. This is basically the essence of the crazy side of everything. Creativity means coming up with new ideas and seeing things in a different way.

We’ll start with some easy drawings, and as we go forward, they will get harder, not that they are super hard to draw.

These are box-based drawings, except for the side views. We all know how to draw a box. If you don’t, it’s no big deal. Just practice drawing some and you’ll learn quickly.

I recommend that you practice each drawing a few times before moving to the next one so you get familiarized with the process first. If you do this, you will be able to focus on the drawing more easily.

That’s about it. Let’s go to the fun part now.

Draw cartoon cars

The key to draw cartoon cars is to exaggerate their characteristics and features. If a car has big wheels, make them even bigger, if it has small windows, make them smaller. Make them look fat, short, or very tall.

The drawings below are an example of this.

A Ferrari 458 and a Pagani Zonda. Both drawings have noticeably bigger rear wheels because on real cars, they’re one inch bigger. It’s not much, but bigger is bigger. So, make them big. Overdoing stuff like this gives the drawings that cartoonish look.


Of course, you will need some reference material for the tutorials where we draw real cars. Use magazine pictures or search for some of the cars you’re drawing on the Internet.

A very important tip is to take a very good look at the pictures you use for these tutorials and pay attention to references. For example, the cabin. Is it closer to the front wheels? Is it closer to the rear wheels?

Even though we’ll draw the cars with funny proportions, they still have to be accurate enough so the cars still look like the real thing.

That’s enough explanation. After all, it’s super easy, as you can see. The best way to learn is by doing things. So let’s go straight to the action in the next post.

How to draw a cartoon car