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Learn How To Draw A Muscle Car For kids: Ford Mustang

Draw a muscle car

This is the second tutorial on how to draw a muscle car. If you liked the last tutorial you’re going to love this one. You’ll learn how to draw a Ford Mustang, one of the most iconic and famous car ever. So here we go!

The wheelbase on a ‘60s Mustang is a little long so don’t make it to short.

Draw a muscle car

The body’s proportions are medium waistline, medium ground clearance but in can also be a little high and long rear overhang. The front one isn’t as long so draw the front far side-wheel very close to the front corner of the body.

Draw a muscle car

The rear part of the cabin is very inclined, noticeably more than the front. The height of the roof is medium also.

Draw a muscle car



Draw the windshield, the side window and the door. The window is leaned towards the back a little bit.

Draw a muscle car

This is the most fun part. Now we start detailing this car drawing. Draw the front lights and a line that kind of wraps around them. Put a very wide bumper and on top of that draw the grill. One of the most distinctive things on a Mustang. Now draw the also distinctive pseudo-air intake on the side of the car.

Draw a muscle car

We are almost done here.  These are the finishing details. Draw the usual things like the side mirrors, door handle and the rims. After that draw a triangle shape at the back of the side window with a couple of vertical lines in it. This is another particular design feature of the Mustang. Let’s make the front of the car look more detailed by drawing a couple of lines on the hood that go from the head light to the windshield. Just beneath the bumper draw two vertical extensions of it and right beside them put some fog lights. And finally draw two more lights in the grill and a little Mustang logo right at the middle.

Draw a muscle car


Whoa!!! Now that’s a very, very cool car drawing! I like a lot. I hope you do too.

It’s time for you to go practice some more drawings so you can become really good at this and for me to go make some more tutorials so you can practice them.

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  1. Thanks! I am usually really bad at drawing cars, but this tutorial has made it easy and I didn’t have to trace anything!

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