How To Draw A Sports Car for Kids: Bugatti Veyron 59

Have you been looking for how to draw a Bugatti Veyron step by step? Well, lucky you! Because today you will learn how to draw a Veyron.

Wait no more!

You know the drill by now. Draw the wheels.

How to draw a bugatti veyron

This is a tricky one so be very carefull. The Veyron doesn’t have a very defined waist line, particularly at the back. Actually, the only reference is the door line that falls smoothly towards the back. So, draw the body beginning at the bottom with a very low ground clearance and very short overhangs. To draw the rear overhang just put a curved line very close to the rear wheel. After that draw the waist line starting at the front and making a smooth movement downwards and stop at about 2/3 of the wheelbase. Also give some width to the tires, the rear ones are very wide.

Junior Car Designer Car Drawing For Kids Made Very Easy How to Draw A Bugatti Veyron 2

Next stop, the cabin. Start at the front and make it fall smoothly at the back where it touches the overhang line.

Junior Car Designer Car Drawing For Kids Made Very Easy How to Draw A Bugatti Veyron 3

Draw the windshield the door and the side window. This is a weird-looking door.

Junior Car Designer Car Drawing For Kids Made Very Easy How to Draw A Bugatti Veyron 4


Let’s start detailing the car at the front. Draw the horseshoe-shaped grill, wich is a distinctive feature of the Veyron. Draw a couple of lines from the bottom of the car’s front right to the lower corners of the windshield. Now draw the head lights and the lower front air intakes. Notice that there’s a curved line just above the front wheel. This line helps to communicate the shape of the front fender.

Junior Car Designer Car Drawing For Kids Made Very Easy How to Draw A Bugatti Veyron 5




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Now draw the last details. Draw the side air intake. Just make a big curve uniting the top and bottom lines of the door. Draw the rims, door handle, lights, grill detail, the fuel cap just behind the door and the top air intakes. And just for fun we’re gonna draw the car with it’s rear wing deployed. Looks cooler.

Junior Car Designer Car Drawing For Kids Made Very Easy How to Draw A Bugatti Veyron 6

How’s this for a sports car drawing?

So, now, go and tell all your friends you know how to draw the fastest car in the world. Well, at least one of the fastest.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll do a list of the fastest production cars in the world.

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See you next time.


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