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How To Draw A Race Car For Kids

How to draw a race car

Welcome once again to your favorite car drawing for kids website. It’s time to learn how to draw a race car. Who desn’t want to learn to make some race car drawings?

This tutorial will have 7 steps instead of just 6. This is because a drawing race cars can get too messy, there’s alot going on. And it will be a generic race car. You can make a race version of a drawing you’ve alrady made. That would be cool.

The first step is no different. Draw the wheels. The length of the wheelbase is a little bigger than usual.

How to draw a race car

For step two draw the body. Since it’s a generic car you can draw the waistline, because it doesn’t follow a specific shape.

Proportions wise it is very similar to a normal car (this type of race cars are mostly based on a normal road car) with the ground clearance been the exception. Race cars need a low center of gravity so they roll less. This means they need to have most of the weight as close to the bottom of the car as possible. That’s why the ground clearance is very low.

How to draw a race car

In step 3 draw the cabin. No significant changes here so make it like a normal cabin.

How to draw a race car

Draw the windows and the doors for step 4. Also normal.

How to draw a race car

Oh yeah! Step 5. Now is when the cool stuff begins.  Draw the headlights, a grill, a rear diffuser, an air intake just above the rear wheel (for the rear brakes) and an outlet next to the front wheel for all the heat that comes out of the engine. And finally draw a front splitter at lower part of the front bumper. This devise splits the air flow -hence the name splitter- and prevents too much air going under the car which would affect it’s performance on the race track.

How to draw a race car

For step 6 Draw the side mirrors, the rims, headlight detail, frontal air intake and a rear wing for extra downforce. More downforce, more grip. More grip, more speed through the corners. Sweet!

How to draw a race car

And in the last step (7) draw some extra details like lateral exhaust pipes right in front of the rear wheels, some extra lights at the front for when you’re racing at night, a couple of support rods for the splitter and  just above the front wheel draw another air outlet, this is for letting out the air that  builds pressure  from underneath the car creating lift. This is the opposite of downforce. Long story short: Downforce = good, lift = bad.

How to draw a race car

What do you think of this race car drawing tutorial?

Let me know in the comments below.

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