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How To Draw A Race Car For Kids: Le Mans Prototype

How to draw a race car

It’s time for the second tutorial on how to draw a race car step by step. As you noticed in the las tutorial,  drawing a race car can get kinda messy so this drawing was kept as simple as possible. That means this car drawing will be made in the standard six steps.

On this tutorial we will draw a Le Mans Prototype race car. This cars race in endurance events. The goal of these events is to make the most laps in a specific time frame instead of completing a certain amount of laps like in Formula 1 racing.

The wheelbase in these cars is actually very long so it can accommodate a big fuel tank for long rage racing stints. In other words ti needs a lot of fuel so it can make as many laps as possible between pit stops.

How to draw a race car

I think this is the toughest step 2 to date. Drawing this body will need a lot of patience. It’s no easy to draw but it’s not hard eider. The thing is it isn’t as flat as the other cars.

It has very low ground clearance and low waistline. One thing you can do is to draw first the wheels on the far side so you have a reference where to put the wheel housings. Particularly the right-front one. Yep, drawing a Le Mans race car can be tricky. But not here. This is car drawing for kids made very easy. Remember?

How to draw a race car

Step 3 is to draw the body which has water drop-like shape. Its more pronounced at the front and it falls smoothly at the back.

How to draw a race carDraw the windows and the very small door for step 4. These cars have big windshield for better visibility, at the front at least because the side window it’s very small.

How to draw a race car

In step 5 we will draw the headlights. Big ones. A small opening goes at the bottom front of the car. Also draw a side air intake.

How to draw a race car

For the final step draw a very big rear wing, the door handle, side mirrors, the rims, the front splitter, headlight detail, a mini wing at the front –that small triangle next to de lights-. And finally, at the front draw the nose of the car and a curve vertical line that helps describe better the shape of the right wheel housing.

How to draw a race car

And we’re done! So go and practice drawing lots of race cars:

Draw a GT race car

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Keep practicing. See you next time.


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