This is the easiest cartoon car you can draw. Start by drawing the wheels not too far away from each other. This is one of the main features of cartoon cars, a very short wheelbase.cartoon car drawing


Draw very lightly the overall shape of the car. Short and tall.



Now go over the first shape again to define the final form of the car. Since this is a very basic, very easy drawing, the shape is the same. But as you will see in the following drawings, that’s not always the case. If you want to draw a more visible fender or bumper, go ahead.



The windows and doors are next. Very simple lines are needed to draw them. You can make them in whatever shape you like.



Let’s draw some easy details now. The door handle, lights, exhaust tip, grill and little aerial. We are keeping it simple for now, but make the drawing your own. Draw as many details as you want, like… or dare.



Define the edges of the wheels. I used stencils for this so they look better. It’s not cheating. Drawing circles is really hard, and unless you’re really good at it, you will make mistakes here. Drawing good circles is not as easy as it looks, so practice a lot.

Then, come up with a cool rim design.


The last thing here is to cover the dark areas. In this drawing, that’s only the inside of the rims. Also, I added some more detail on the grill.

Voila (that’s French for “Here it is!” or “There you have it!” or something like that)!

Your first cartoon car. Or not. Maybe it’s your second, or third…