Tire profile (or tire wall) is another very important thing here. It also follows and intended function in every type of car.

For example, on the left we have a tire with a big wall. I think you can deduce this is from a truck because of the way it looks. The big wall is to help the suspension by using it to cope more easily with the rough terrain. By letting some air out of it the wall also allows the tire to get more traction, sometimes.

On the right we have a low profile tire. This is for a sports car as you can tell. Since it’s stiffer, the low profile (wall) prevents the car from rolling too much in corners (helping the suspension too) making the car more stable and precise.tire wall and profile


One more thing: Tire looks also serves an esthetic purpose. Big wall tires look tough and rugged, adding to the overall look of a pick-up of SUV trunk. On the other hand small wall looks stylish and sporty, ideal for sports cars. Low profile tires are actually being use for almost every type of car nowadays because of the looks they provide.

Finally, spoke design also helps in both practical and esthetic ways.

Big, thick spokes are more resistant and look tough and rugged too.

Thin spokes weight less (better car balance) and look sportier. They are designed to let out more hot air from the brakes.


I hope you like this course and find it useful.