To draw a five spokes we’ll draw the circle and the first spoke but this time the spoke must be divide it in three equal parts so use a ruler to measure this if you have to.5 spokes


Draw a guide line from side to side at the mark closest to the center. 5 spokes1

From where this line intersects with both ends of the circle draw a couple of lines to the center. No we have three spokes. Two to go.5 spokes2


Now we must find the midpoint between these spokes we just drew and the first one.  Draw a line between these and spoke number one and mark the midpoint.5 spokes3


Draw two lines from both marks through the center to the other side. The bottom lines will be spokes four and five.5 spokes4


The five spokes rim is one of the most common and one of the coolest, and now you know how to draw it.


To draw a ten spoke rim just extend every spoke to the opposite side.5 spokes6


At first they might not look as you expect bus his might take some time to get right.