As in one point perspective, you can place the object in any position you like.

The box above the horizon is placed at the right side and we are able to see more of the left side.

The box bellow the horizon is placed to the left and we can see more of its right side.

The key is where you place the first vertical (the corner closest to us, in red) at the beginning.two point perspective notes (1)


Another thing to take into account is that if you place the vanishing points too close together the box (or car) will look distorted.

Like in the image bellow where the corner of the box looks rally dramatic. You would need a lot of experience to make a drawing this way, and even so, it’s hard to pull this off.two point perspective notes (2)


On the contrary, if you use the vanishing points very separated you will get a more realistic drawing. Doing this is not that easy because of the size of most drawing pads. Of course, you could draw a smaller car so the vanishing points are separated enough, but this is impractical. The waist of space for one drawing would be inacceptable so learn to estimate the vanishing point’s position as if it was way outside the sheet of paper.

This doesn’t mean that drawing the vanishing points inside the sheet of paper results in an inaccurate drawing. The result is actually a car we are standing very close to and because of foreshortening some of the features of it are, well, foreshortened and we’re unable to appreciate them as we should.

The two brick-like boxes look very different because of the placement of the vanishing points. The one on the top looks smooth and the one bellow looks kind of dramatic. All dough dramatic is sometimes good.two point perspective notes (3)