sports car side view

Side view exercise 2: Sports Car

Now lets draw a sporstcar side view.

Draw a proportions guide (very lightly) and go over the sports car info so you can make the basic shape.

Actually, try to make the ground clearance very short. You’ll see how cool it looks.sports car side view

Once you have your basic shape start drawing the wheels and the lower side of the body.

Remember, don’t follow the ugly and boring basic shape.

sports car side view

Now draw the cabin.

In this case is particularly important not to follow the basic shape.


For example, in this drawing the actual cabin is a little bit in front of the guide line, but I still have to draw the winshield. So if I were to follow the exact position on the guide the cabing would be pushed back considerably because after the windshield the side windows go next and these would also be pushed back and riun a little the cabin-forward looks  of a sports car.

But that’s just me. Just saying.

It’s you drawing after all. Play with the design.

sports car side view


Draw all the detals you want . Remember to draw the underside in black for that 3D look.

And here it is. A proper sports car side view.

sports car side view