hatchback side view

This lesson is about the finished process of a side view. We already went through the general proportions, now it’s time to make the actual drawing.

We will jump the steps where we draw the car details since this is what we do in the free tutorials and I’m sure you have a lot of experience in that.

Side View Exercise 1: Hatchback

A hatchback car is very similar in size and proportions to a four door sedan, more specifically a in a compact car form. Some four door compact cars have a hatchback version, like the Ford Focus.

Start by drawing the proportions guide. Draw your references very lightly, or if you’re familiar with drawing pencils, use a hard one.hatchback proportions


Now draw the general shape of the car.

For hatchbacks the only thing that’s notoriously different is the rear overhang, which is half a wheel at most. This is because there is no booth or trunk.

Again, draw very lightly.hatchback proportions


Now let’s start defining the design of the car, this is very similar to the regular tutorials.

First the wheels and the body.

Cars are not square boxes, so don’t follow the exact shape of the proportions.

hatchback side view


Now draw the cabin, the windows and the doors.

hatchback side view

This is where we jump the detail steps straight to the finished drawing.

Draw as many details as you want on your car.

Paint black the dark areas like the wheel housings and the inside of the rims.

hatchback side view

So, from the proportions guide we got the basic shape of the car and from that we got the specific design.

Lastly, the dark area bellow the car and in between the wheels is its underside and the wheels on the other side. Add this to your drawing.

Look how doing this gives the car a 3D and depth feel compared with the previous image, which looks very flat.

A very simple detail that makes a huge difference on how the drawing looks.

hatchback side view