Hi and welcome to the Junior Car Designer’s Easy Car Drawing Guide!!!

This minicourse is about learning the basic techniques of car drawing. This means you won’t learn how to draw specific cars, like a Chevy Corvette, a Ford Mustang or a BMW M5. What you will learn here is to draw different types of cars so you can understand the general concepts, thus, allowing you to draw any car you want.

Before you start you must know that car drawing requires a lot of patience and dedication because results don’t come over night. I recommend you go through each lesson and practice what you´ve learned before moving on to the next lesson.

Another very important thing, more than I can say, is that car drawing can get very technical at times. This means that some steps requires very specific drawing methods so be prepared to put some extra effort into it if you want to do it right.

Also, don’t try to be perfect, it’s okay to erase a little bit here and there, we´re all beginners here. Actually, you´ll be making errors well in to the future when you are more experienced. I know I still do (a lot L).  I’ve seen professional designers erasing some lines they didn’t like and stuff like that. Perfection is no the goal, having fun is.

One last thing: The drawings in this course where made in a program called Sketchbook Pro, which is what I use in the regular free tutorials.


Well, because it´s  easier for you to understand what is happening. As I said before, this can get really technical so it´s a bit messy some times and on top of that I have a messy drawing style.

Another reason for this is that I can highlight what I just did in each step, a request ( complaint ) I´ve been getting a lot from you guys in the free tutorials. And I must say it´s a perfectly reasonable one, because it´s is so logic.

So now, go draw a car. Any car you want. Keep the drawing in a safe place and at the end of the course draw that same car and compare both drawings so you can see your improvements.

Let´s begin then. It’s very important not to skip any steps.

ECDG #2: Basic of Drawing