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Draw carzy caroon cars. Meanie.. Van

cartoon mini van

Draw crazy cars

As we said before, creativity is the key to drawing crazy cars.

Creativity needs to be exercised for it to grow. So apply what you learn here to other things in your life, and it will help you become more creative in general.

The type of people that others call geniuses are nothing more than really creative people who can come up with a lot of ideas.

Here are some tips for being creative and crazy when drawing cars:

  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things.
  • Ask yourself, what if…? What if it had big wheels? What if it had a jet engine? What if it didn’t have this, or that?
  • Say why not…? Why not put a laser beam on it? Why not this? Why not that?
  • Be spontaneous. Put random stuff on things.
  • Transfer ideas, Put big truck-like bumpers on a sports car, put wings on a truck.
  • Put things upside down or inside out. What if a car had the steering wheel on the outside?


Things don’t have to be like everyone says they’re supposed to be. Don’t listen to them, they’re crazy. Or not. Maybe that’s why you shouldn’t listen to them.
Meanie Van

Get it? Meanie Van…because it’s mean!

We’ll get crazy now with this drawing. Let’s start with the usual stuff, the wheels, because it’s a side view.

Draw the general shape as in the other drawings. Draw the body shape and the big cabin going all the way to the back. Exaggerate the back side so it looks like it’s leaning forward.



Define the contours of the car and, getting ahead one step, draw the windows. The winshield is just visible and the side window is very, very large.


Now let’s draw the doors, the side normal door and the big sliding second door. Also draw the rail for it to slide on. Then draw some details like door handles, a side mirror, and a wind deflector at the back.

Draw the lights, front and back, and then ask. What if it was a racing meanie van?

Well, it would have a rear wing, a splitter at the front, maybe a hood scoop, and why not a roof scoop too? Some racing cars have this cool feature.

Finish the wheels and rims. Because I already had the stencils with me, I used them to make circle-themed rims.

The last step is to cover the dark areas. But before I was finished, I asked: Why not put a semi-truck or lorry (depending on where you live)-style exhaust pipe? With a support rod, of course. Also, I pumped up the fender flares a little to make it more aggressive.cartoon mini van

Cool-looking meanie van!

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