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Draw a mutant car

Let’s begin with the basic box shape. This is a sports car, in theory, so we are going to make it really wide. Take a look at the other drawings for reference and make this one wider.

Now draw the wheels and the wheel housings. Make the tires really wide and fat at the back. Or don’t listen to me, make them very skinny. It’s up to you.


Start defining the car body and the cabin. Just above the rear wheel, there’s a very muscular looking form. This pops out the whole look of the car.

Draw the windows too.

The next step is to draw the rear fascia with some aggressive tail lights, a big air vent, an even bigger diffuser, and why not put four exhaust tips on each side?

Don’t forget to draw the side air intake.


After that, go over the lines of the wheels again to define them better.

And what if it had four doors instead of just two?



At the back, put some extra detail on the lights. These have a very grumpy cat look to them, don’t you think?

I drew a small badge at the center of the air vent. You can come up with your own badge or logo.

And what if it had big truck-like side mirrors? And some random stuff, like a shark fin. When I say random, I mean random.

The car can be as crazy as you want it to be. So why not put some sports bike exhaust tips on each side?

Finally, cover the dark areas to add some contrast. I also added a little shadow at the bottom of the diffuser to give it some depth.

I hope you liked this one.

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