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Draw a crazy cartoon tuner car

Over-tuned tuner car

Have you seen how people sometimes just put too much stuff on their cars?

This is one of those cars. Start by drawing the boxy shape of the car.

Now draw the basic shape of the wheels and the wheel housings. Notice that they’re leaning a little bit forward. Draw the horizontal line to indicate the height of the front end.


The next thing to do is to draw the contours of the car. This is a good time to decide on some features you want to put on it. Like in this drawing, you can see a small shape at the front bumper. This is because I knew what the design in the front was going to be. I had a specific idea.

Draw the windows and the doors. Behind the door, you can see a line that shows a particular form in the body.

These sorts of details make the drawing look better. Draw the door handle too.

Go for the front fascia now. Big air intakes, the grill, the lights, a splitter and a big vent on the hood.

Anything you want to overdo, it’s okay and welcome.


Continue over-tuning your car.

What if it had two gigantic rear wings? One on top of the other.

Why not draw a big side air intake and huge exhaust tip?

Draw some more details like the side mirrors and roof scoop, and pump up the fender flares.

Now draw the rims, cover the dark areas, and why not add some actual wings at the side?

Draw a line over the front fender to define its shape. It helps with the 3-D look.

As a finishing detail, I drew a big sticker on the windshield. You can draw your own and write anything you want there.

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