Start by drawing a box as a guide for the general shape of the car. Also draw the shape of the cabin. Do this with an H pencil, or if you’re using a pen, draw it very lightly. The rear is taller than the front on this car.

Now draw the wheels, also very lightly. You can make the rear wheel bigger if you want. Then draw a line horizontally at the front. This line indicates the height of the front end. It doesn’t have to be too precise, it’s just for reference.

Now use a darker pencil to start drawing the contours of the car and the wheels. If you are using a pen, just apply more pressure. Pay very close attention to your reference material so you correctly depict the car’s features.


The next step is to draw the windows. Notice the air intake next to the side window. If your car has a particular feature for this step, draw it.



Draw the front of the car. Grill, headlights, air intakes. The LFA has a recurring triangular theme here. That circle there, right at the middle, is the logo.



Now let’s draw some details like the doors, the side air intake, the rims, the lamps on the headlights and every small feature on your car.



The last step is to cover the dark areas like the grill, the air intakes and the inside of the rims.

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