Draw a box to define the shape of the car. This is going to be a generic car, so it’s up to you which features to exaggerate. In this case, it is going to be the cabin, since hatchbacks have a lot of head space. We’ll make it really big!

After that, draw the wheels and the horizontal guide line at the front.




Now start defining the shape of the car and the wheels. It’s looking really good.




It’s time to draw the windows, very big ones.




Draw the frontal elements of the car. This one has a sporty look with its aggressive headlights, big lower air intake and fog lights.


The next thing to do is to draw the details, as many as you want to throw in. Hatchbacks have small rims, so this is another thing we are going to overdo. We’re going to make them super small.



Finally, cover the dark areas, and you can also put in some last-minute details if you want.

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