Get some reference material, for we are going to draw a real car. It’s a Ferrari Enzo from a side view. Start by drawing the wheels. The Enzo, like most sports cars now, has bigger wheels at the back.

For the second step, draw the overall shape of the car. The Enzo has a very distinctive wedge shape with a very long front overhang.



Draw the body of the car, and after that, draw the cabin, again paying close attention to the particular features of the car. If you think you can make one feature look cartoonish, do it.

Here the rear part is very, very high.


Now draw the windows. I added the fuel cap here since it is very easy to draw. It’s just a small circle. Also, a section of the door is already in place. The rest of it will be drawn when some details on the side are put in place. That’s the next step.


This car has two air intakes on each side, a small one at the bottom for the brakes and a big one above for engine cooling.


We are almost done with this Enzo drawing. Draw some small details now, like the front and rear lights, a front air intake, side indicators, exhaust tip and the rear diffuser, which is just visible. Look at those lines in the big side intake. They are the car’s shoulders. This is because the body is wider than the cabin. These types of cars look very cool because of these features.


The last step is to finally draw the door, as well as the last details like the rims and side mirror. Also cover the dark areas.

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