Baby race car

This will be another generic car. You can draw it however you want.

Since this is a baby race car, we’ll start with a very short wheelbase. Hopefully it will look like a baby car.

Draw the general shape of the body with small proportions. Short overhangs, ground clearance, and so on. Everything except for the cabin, which must be kind of big. You know, like a baby’s head.


Now draw over the overall shape and give this baby race car more defined lines for the body and the cabin. At the very top the cabin looks weird. Don’t you think? Well, I guess weird can be good sometimes. After all, it’s a cartoon car.

It’s time to draw the windows and door. Draw big, big windows and a very short door.



Now draw some of the features that make a baby race car a baby race car. These things include a baby wing, baby splitter, baby diffuser, baby hood scoop and baby air intakes on the side.

There are lots of details left to draw, so let’s do it.

Draw the lights, front and rear, the grill, door handle, and exhaust tip, and finish the wheels. Again, I used stencils for this step. It looks better and you save yourself the trouble of erasing stuff.

Finally, cover the dark areas. Add some lines simulating some speed. Don’t draw them too long. It must look like it’s going moderately fast. A baby race car can get hurt going too fast. Nobody wants that.