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Crazy gallery resource for drawing cartoon cars

To help you get going with drawing your crazy cartoon cars, here is a gallery of the most-used elements with some extra tips you can use.

I hope you get a lot of ideas from this.


They are generally drop-shaped, very easy to draw. These can be  a complement to exhaust tips.


Exhaust tips

Exhaust tips can go anywhere and be whatever size you want.

They can go behind the front wheels, just in front of the rear wheels



These are one of the most commonly used details in car drawing because they give a lot of “presence” to the car.

They can have only one flap or as many as you like. Also try different number of support elements, one at the middle, one on each side, two at the middle or what if it had three support elements?



Spinning wheels

Spinning wheels make the car look like it’s actually moving. To achieve this effect, just draw some zigzag lines in the rim and add some dramatic elements behind the wheels.


Cars with faces

Faces will give a personality of their own to your car drawings.

As a general rule, round shapes are good for cute-looking faces. Try drawing a big-eyed smiling face to see the result.

Sharp, thin and square forms give a mean look. Try drawing a face with a big mouth and thin long eyes and you will see the meanie face that comes out. You could try to use this on the meanie van.

Faces are really fun to draw. You can try a lot of facial expressions like happy, sad and angry…


…or stomachache, crazy dude, and pretty girl.


Draw an engine

To draw the off-road sports tow truck, you need to know how to draw an engine. So here’s how to do it.

As with the cars, we’ll start by drawing the basic shape of the block.

After that, draw the valve covers on each side of the engine block.

Now draw the exhaust manifold and then define the shape of the block.



You can tell it’s a V8 engine because of the four tips on the manifold. Four for each side equals eight cylinders. You can make it a 6, 10, 12 or why not a 20 cylinder engine. You would have to draw a very long engine block though.

Up next, we are going to draw a supercharger. First, draw the compressor right in the middle above the block and on top, draw the air intake.

Then draw some detail on the valve covers, and at the front of the block, draw a pulley layout.

The final step is to draw a band around the pulley system. The pulleys can be arenged in any order you like. Only two must be in a particular place, one at the supercharger and another at the center of the engie block.

Nice! You don’t learn how to draw an engine every day!


Cartoon cars mini gallery

This is an example of a basic cartoon car drawing. Wacky proportions only, no crazy accessories, apart from that huge hood scoop. The cabin is placed way back and the rear end sits lower than the front end. Usually it’s the other way around.


A crazy hot rod. This is halfway between normal cartoon and crazy cartoon. Big tires, gigantic wing and popping a wheely.

This hot rod has no engine cover, so the actual engine is visible behind the grill. Notice the guide lines for the engine on the grill. This is so I had a good idea where the engine was, so afterwards I just had to draw the parts that are actually visible. It’s really fun. Try it!


Now this sports car is flat-out a crazy cartoon.

We could call this “budget jet engine car” because the owner spent all the money he had on the jet engine and was left with no money to buy more things. He had to use his desk lamp as head lights, a hand mirror as the side mirror and a trumpet as an exhaust pipe. Now all that comes out of there is musical notes. That’s pretty cool.

But the coolest thing by far is that wood wing. He had to cut a piece of plywood and two small pieces of a 2×4 to pull this out. You can even see the nails are only halfway in. That thing could fall off.

Final comments

I hope you really enjoyed this cartoon drawing series. Now it’s up to you to practice a lot so you can draw cooler and crazier cartoon cars.

Maybe you’ll struggle at first, but look at it this way: you can’t go wrong when you draw a cartoon car, because it’s supposed to look crazy. Maybe it just doesn’t look the way you want. Save these drawings as an ideas archive for future drawings. They will end up being useful.

Use the half-full glass approach instead of the half-empty glass approach.

Don’t forget to use the tips in this post to become more creative. It will help you more than I can say.

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