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Crazy cartoon car drawing: Sports off-road tow truck

sports off rad tow truck

Just by the name, you can tell it’s going to be really crazy.

Start with the body’s overall shape.

When I was selecting ideas for this drawing, I started with a sports car and then asked, why not make it off-road? So I did. To that end, draw the wheels, but the ground clearance has to be high. Also draw the reference line for the height of the car. It’s still a sports car, so it has to be low.

Finally, divide the body in half with a vertical line, because why not make it a tow truck too?

The next step is to draw the contours of the car. In this case it will be only be half of the car. Then draw the front wheel housing and also give the wheels a 3-D appearance, especially the rear one, which is totally open.

Now draw the windows, the door and the front of the car. Remember, the car has to look sporty and aggressive, so make the windows like the ones on a sports car, as well as the lights and the air intakes.

This is a very busy drawing, so each step is a lot of work.


Make the tires look very off-roady, very rugged with a big tire thread.  Also draw the rims and something that looks like a pick-up truck bed in the back.

The following step is to draw the hoist at the back. Then draw some details at the front fascia. Draw the other rear tire and some suspension elements so it looks cool. Don’t forget the door handle.


The very last step is to cover the dark areas, but the main feature in this step is that engine at the top. I decided to randomly make it like that, and then I realized that it makes a lot of sense. There’s no space for the engine at the back! It worked out great. I must figure out, though, a way to take the power from the engine to the wheels!

It can not be any crazier.

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