This is a special post. The following drawings are from our friend Mesut, from Turkey. He´s 11, likes to draw cars (evidently) and dreams of becoming a an automotive designer.

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He sent his drawing to get some advice and feedback. He´s actually already been given some advice from some big names. Yes! Big Names!

How big?

Well, really big! Only the likes of  Peter Schreyer, Jason Castriota, Ian Callum, Chris Bangle, Walter de Silva, Ralph V. Gilles, Tom Tjaarda and Luciano Bove. : – O

That´s right, you read right!

But I also get advice from these dudes all the time. Sure…   Hmmm, well, not really.

Before we get to the drawings, some quick words of encouragement to Mesut:

There are a couple of things that will get us anywhere we want and help us accomplish any dream we have: Passion and devotion.

These virtues will make you unstoppable.

Is is evident that you are passionate about cars and car design. You dream it,  breathe it, live it, love it. You think about it all the time. Passion is intensity.

Enzo Ferrari refered to passion as love and anger living together. And it´s people like you and  Enzo Ferrari that move the world. People that only think about that thing they love and want to become really good at it, they want to make a difference, to accomplish great things and make their name become known.

Now, devotion is what makes you give yourself to it (car design), to pour your attention and energy in to it.

Devotion may be confused some times with discipline, but they´re very different things: Devotion is to give yourself to something you love and discipline is to put yourself through something because you have to.

Let´s stay with Enzo Ferrari here. He was so passionate and devoted to racing and his Formula 1 racing team that he started to make road cars so he could make more money and use it to keep racing.

So, Mesut, if you want to become an automotive designer you have to give it your best. Be passionate and devoted -I know you are- so no matter what life throws at you, you come out on top.

And lastly, on your way to the top there will be criticism. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There is good, the kind that tries to help you, and bad criticism, the kind that only looks to upset you. Learn from the good  and ignore the bad. As simple as that.

Now let´s get to the drawings…



citroen traction avant


This Avant drawing in a 3/4 view is very good actually. The only thing I would point out is that the front wheel is to small in relation to the rear wheel. The front one should be a little bigger because is closer to you.



1959 DeSoto Coupe


I believe this is a 1959 DeSoto Coupe, very cool car. I don´t have much to criticize about this drawing except for the wheel on the far side, which should be closer to the right corner of the car.



Scania truck


This Scania truck drawing is very a simple front view. It looks a little tilted to the left, nothing to bad.




Seat Ibiza car drawing


Nice contrast on the Seat Ibiza between the red paint and the black bumper area. The front wheel on the far side is not leveled with the wheel on the close side.

Cool interior detail, which is hard to pull off some times. Cool lambo doors too.



Ferrari f1


Scuderia Ferrai, one of the coolest things ever. The only thing heres is that the front wheels seem a bit off from each other. Nice attention to detail.



BMW m3


This M3 drawing is a little off in proportions. The cabin looks too small and the belt line is too high. Again, the car appears to be tilted to the left. May be you want to try different postures when you´re drawing or move the sheet of paper around and see what works for you.

Maybe this will help you with the car front proportions: 4 Door Car Front View



Porsche 911


The Porsche 911 sure is a classic. This 3/4 view is good in general. Just the rear wheel is in a wide-angle, try to close it a little, make a narrower ellipse. Also, the front tyre is too big.



For focus car  drawing


This Ford Focus is a very modified car but I think in needs an extra exhaust pipe. Drawing wise, the rear hatch looks to vertical. The perspective look good.




Ford model t drawing


Once again the perspective is correct on this Model T. The front wheels are too small. Don´t worry too much about this, wheels are one of the toughest things to get right. Just practice a lot.



Ford Focus wrc


Wow. This drawing is very, very good. You have a good eye for general perspective. There´s not much I can say about this one. Keep it up.




1931 Bugatti Type 50


Another cool classic car, or should I say vintage car. Here, the car seems to be shorter that it should. These cars are notoriously long. Also the cabin is too small.

I hope this helps you a little bit Mesut. Keep up the good work

I must also say that you have good taste in cars. Not every one thinks about drawing a Bugatti Type 50, a Citroen Traction Avant or a DeSoto Coupe. Most people only think about drawing fast and powerful supercars (sounds very familiar).