ECDG 9: Tire Profiles

Tire profile (or tire wall) is another very important thing here. It also follows and intended function in every type of car. For example, on the left we have a tire with a big wall. I think you can deduce this is from a truck because of the way it looks.

ECDG 7: Basic Car Design

basic car form design, sports car

In the world of car design there’s a basic idea that rules everything: Form follows function. This means that the form of an element in a car is determined by the function the car or the element itself must accomplish. Up next we have some examples: Family cars Family car must carry four or

ECDG #6: Two Point Perspective

draw a box in two point perspective

2 point perspective is the most accurate way to represent a drawing in perspective because is how we see most things.As its name suggests, it has 2 vanishing points. Up next we will learn how to draw in 2 point perspective with some box drawing. This is where it gets very